Be Your Own Damn Hero

Joy Thigpen

I just want to make sure you’ve all seen Amy Cuddy’s TED Talk on body language and what it does for our own mental state. If you haven’t seen this (especially if you’re a female) I highly recommend it. Just applying this to your own life may be enough work/thought for a long while.

And….especially if it isn’t new to you, I want to take it a step further.

I know a lot of our community here are makers, photographers, especially. And I’d love for us to consider her talk as it pertains to the kinds of images we see and that we’re making of women. What kinds of poses do you see and capture of women? What messages do they feed the culture?

Not that all the imagery we make of women needs to be strong and powerful but I do want to challenge you if all the images you’re making of women look meek and small. We are all complex humans made of infinite and co-existing contrasts. I’m just tired of all of the meek and mild, passive, sexual, small only portrayals of women out there. How ‘bout you? Pay attention this week to how hard it is to come across a beautiful image of a woman that’s not looking diminutive in some way.

This week, stand your ground. Take up space. Photograph, draw, and paint women who are doing the same. Be the change folks.